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We are a boutique media development production company, led by an Emmy Award-Winning Producer, dedicated to creating content that is empowering, inspiring, and authentic.

A TFG Production goes beyond entertainment. It is an imprint on the world, striving to create a more positive and meaningful place.

Specializing in Showrunning, Unscripted Series Development,

& Talent Development.


It all starts with a Spark of Inspiration.

We are experts at developing unique unscripted formats driven by fresh ideas and exceptional talent. TFG collaborates with Emmy Award-winning producers, directors, top-tier crews, and visionaries who share our dedication to helping individuals like you bring their visions to life on the small screen.

Our mission is all about raising the bar by delivering content that inspires people. Ultimately, we aim to nurture intellectual property that's not only one-of-a-kind but ready to be green-lit to series.

Services Include:

  • Unscripted Series Tailored to YOU: We craft unscripted series concepts based on your idea, expertise, business, or personal brand.

  • Comprehensive Deck Creation: Our experts create compelling pitch decks that will captivate networks and streaming platforms.

  • Sponsor Engagement: Identify and engage potential sponsors, boosting the success of your series.

  • Targeted Network Presentations: We curate a list of ideal networks and streaming platforms to present your pitch.

  • Sizzle Reel Production: Enhance your pitch with a sizzle reel expertly crafted by our team of renowned producers, crew, and editors. Leveraging our industry insights, we meticulously plan and execute shoots that breathe life into your concept. From shot sheets to scheduling, we manage all pre-production facets, including budgeting, crew selection, and final cut editing, ensuring a polished and impactful presentation that stands out from the competition.

  • Pitching to Networks & Streaming Platform: Simplify your journey and reclaim valuable time by entrusting us to connect your TV pitch with the right industry contacts. Our dedicated team ensures your concept reaches a broad spectrum of network and streaming services, guaranteeing your idea receives the visibility it deserves.

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branded entertainment

Television, reimagined

At TFG & Co. Productions, we excel in branded entertainment, partnering with brands to create compelling unscripted series. Leveraging our producing expertise and extensive resources, we empower brands to participate in entertainment, achieving higher audience engagement and financial returns. Our cross-media strategy extends beyond television to include literary works, film, talent, and more, ensuring comprehensive and impactful brand integration.

How We Collaborate with Brands:

We work closely with leading brands to explore and execute branded entertainment opportunities, ensuring mutual benefits. Here's how partnering with us can be advantageous for your brand:

Ownership of Entertainment: Brands have the unique opportunity to co-create and own entertainment content, moving beyond traditional advertising methods. This collaboration transforms a traditional marketing expense into a profit center, providing long-term value and control over the content.

Authentic Brand Integration: Through co-created entertainment, brands can authentically integrate into the content, similar to how they sponsor sports teams or events. This integration allows your brand to be a seamless part of the audience's experience, enhancing brand visibility without overtly dictating the content.

Partnership with Producers: Collaborating with producers from the outset ensures that brands are involved in creating authentic, high-quality entertainment. This proactive approach helps generate original pop culture content, positioning your brand as an innovator rather than a follower.

Loyalty and Brand Affinity: Premium storytelling creates deeper connections with audiences, fostering loyalty and brand affinity. By producing content that resonates with consumers, brands can strengthen relationships and drive long-term value, making a lasting impression on the target audience.

Revenue Opportunities: Beyond the initial investment, brands can generate significant ad revenue by ensuring their content reaches the intended audience. Additionally, partnerships with distributors provide access to wider distribution channels and potential financial incentives, maximizing the return on investment.

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Interested in learning more about how TFG & Co. Productions can help your brand engage with audiences through branded entertainment? Contact us today to explore partnership opportunities and start creating impactful content that resonates with your audience.

Talent Development

We See Your Potential.

We have a unique ability to spot emerging stars and nurture their growth. Our superpower lies in our extensive network, strong relationships, and skilled negotiation within the entertainment industry. It's these connections with top producers, major media players, and influential executives that truly set us apart.

Our Mission: To Propel You to Stardom.

We provide invaluable insights on how to become the go-to expert for major media morning and daytime talk shows. With our guidance, we aim to help you reach your star potential.

For those who wish to hone their skills, we offer media training, consulting and personalized coaching sessions. It's all about helping you shine in your craft.

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Elevating Dreams,

Empowering Lives.

TFG & Co. Productions wholeheartedly embraces the spirit of collaboration. We are privileged to work with a diverse array of renowned and influential individuals, investors and organizations in the media industry.

We welcome making a connection with you!

Among our exclusive partnerships is one with Inspired Girl Enterprises, a company specializing in the creation and development of intellectual property for various mediums, including books, television, films, curriculums, events, and community-building.

Our collaboration with Inspired Girl Enterprises is deeply rooted in a shared mission: to uplift, enrich and empower audiences. Together, we are committed to providing content and tools that enable individuals to discover their infinite purpose and lead a joyful, meaningful life filled with connection.


Tara Fogarty-Graziano is an Emmy Award Winning Producer, and 3 x Emmy Nominated. With over 20 years in the industry, her diverse career has seen her contribute to iconic shows like Project Runway, The Doctors, and for the last decade, Rachael Ray.

Tara's realization that her experience could be shared to help others succeed motivated her to establish TFG Productions & Co., a boutique media development production firm. Here, she dedicates her skills to empowering individuals to enhance their media and TV presence, with a focus on developing unscripted series that inspire and elevate audience experiences. A TFG Production goes beyond entertainment. It is an imprint on the world, striving to create a more positive and meaningful place.

Tara provides invaluable insights on effectively pitching to major media decision-makers, ensuring your path to success and widespread media recognition. Her mission is crystal clear: to guide you in bringing your vision to life on a global stage, emphasizing that your message, perspective, and knowledge deserve to shine brightly in the spotlight.

Rachael Ray

Quotation Mark

I’ve had the pleasure of calling Tara my colleague for more than a decade. I’ve worked with all types of producers over the years and what I love about Tara is that she brings her personality to the table. She always brightens and lightens any room. She’s especially talented at making a viewing audience feel vested and interested in the people she discovers and produces. She brings a warmth and a familiarity to someone you have never seen before. I couldn’t recommend her more.”

Tommy Didario,

TV Host / Extra TV Correspondant

Quotation Mark

I have worked on many different shows in television and with many different teams. Tara has always stood out to me as an all-star. Her leadership, focus, and desire to make the best possible content are just a few of the many reasons why I wanted to work with her time and time again. She has a gift for bringing ideas to life in the most powerful and unique ways. I will jump at any opportunity to work with Tara in the future!"

Lauren Makk,


Quotation Mark

Tara is a true POWERHOUSE! It is rare that you find someone so talented, creative and EXPERIENCED in this business - and she makes it look effortless!”

Dr. Whitney Bowe,

GMA Contributor, Renowned Dermatologist

Quotation Mark

Over the years, I've been lucky enough to work with Tara on numerous TV segments and she is simply extraordinary! She can take any client, help realize their dreams and empower them to learn from their unique talents and skills. She is incredibly talented and anyone would be lucky to have the opportunity to work with her. "

Ronnie Woo,

Chef & Author

Quotation Mark

Tara is incredibly knowledgeable about the TV business and really knows the ins and outs of the producing world. She also just happens to be very fun and funny, which makes it very easy to work with her!"

Mary Giuliani,

Author, Entertaining Expert

Quotation Mark

Tara's honest, direct expertise, compassionate coaching, and guidance, without a doubt, has made me a stronger and more effective television personality and expert. She truly is the best in the biz."

Jove Meyer,

Host, Wedding Talk

Quotation Mark

If you have the opportunity to work with Tara take it and soak in every moment!!! Tara takes the complicated tv jargon and translates it into simple relatable tips so I perform at my best and focus on what’s most important!"

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